EA Sports UFC 4 Dev On The Biggest Gameplay Changes This Year And More

EA's UFC franchise is back this year with UFC 4 and it's shaping up to be a punishingly powerful entry in the series. EA is making a series of major changes to the gameplay this year, improving and expanding on striking, grappling, takedowns, and the clinch game. Additionally, UFC 4 brings in EA's own Real-Player Motion technology from Madden, FIFA, and NHL to provide a more authentic representation of MMA cage matches.
GameSpot recently caught up with creative director Brian Hayes, who dove deep into the numerous gameplay improvements this year. He says the changes to the clinch game will be immediately recognizable and very impactful, while players should appreciate the improvements that EA has made to submissions and striking, Hayes said.
Also in the interview, Hayes spoke about why UFC has parted ways with commentator Joe Rogan, who calls fight in real life for the UFC. "He hasn't been shy about saying this on his own podcast like he hates doing it," Hayes said.