Warframe Expansion Heart Of Deimos Will Premiere At TennoCon

Warframe has been wildly successful since its launch several years ago, and the free-to-play online action-RPG is about to get even better with the expansion Heart of Deimos. The expansion will debut during TennoCon on Saturday, August 1, and anyone who watches on Twitch will be able to score some special in-game rewards.
The Heart of Deimos demo will be "Infested-themed" and you'll also get a look at a new community-designed Warframe during the stream. Alongside this content, the all-digital TennoCon 2020 show will feature panels, an artwork showcase, and contests. August 1 also marks the launch of the Warframe Arsenal Twitch extension, which lets streamers share their loadouts with other players.
If you watch the TennoCon celebration on August 1, you'll get the Hydroid Prime Warframe for free as well as the Athodai hand cannon.
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